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A brand new program built to encourage activity in the workplace and creating a rewarding program to keep you motivated at home and at work

Our office is now more competitive, more vibrant and certainly more active. We love this program

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The UK's lack of exercise at work is estimated to cost £15 billion per year

We know active employees work more efficiently, smarter and with less strain on the rest of the workforce. The benefits are not just health related, activity is proven to related to less Sick days costing businesses millions every year.

Aside from the obvious health and wellness benefits of being more active, staff can engage with a new Workplace dashboard designed to reward activity, provide nudges and motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle.
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Rewards Rewards

Constantly growing our rewards base, all users will have access to 100s of daily rewards

Activity Rewards

Activity unlocks special perks and additional rewards specific to each employee

Track & Compete

Each workplace can create their own dashboard and compete against each other, or another workplace!

Well Supported

Supported by local providers, bringing a whole community approach to people helping people.

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